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A Units Life at Bristow Instruments










Our philosophy is to treat your unit likes it's our own. Our top quality technical team works hard to ensure

they accurately assess your instrument. Our techs will get it right the first time.

The end result is faster turn-times and greater cost savings to our customers.

This is why we feel confident in offering a one year warranty on overhauls and three months on repairs.

We trust our team and so can you.


  1. After opening the unit, the technician completes a pre-data inspection.

  1. After determining the pre-data, the technician strips the unit down and confirms his findings.

  1. Further inspection may be required depending on the condition of the unit.

  1. After stripping the unit, the next step is cleaning the required mechanical parts using the Ultrasonic Cleaning system.

  1. After assembly, the technician performs calibration and temperature tests.

  1. After successful calibration and temperature test the unit is ready for final inspection.

  1. The unit undergoes a series of inspections. The first is the shop inspection performed by a quality inspector.

  1.  The next step is evacuation and sealing the unit.

  1. Prior to shipping the unit is given another inspection by a second certified member of the quality department.

  1. The unit is then ready for shipping. The shipper prepares the necessary documentation for shipping prior to packaging the unit.

  1. The unit is then packaged with all the necessary certifications in accordance with the customers specifications and finally....

  1.   The unit is promptly shipped back to you.



Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization #204-92


Home Careers Capability List Sales Pilot Shop
10 Reasons A Units Life Collectibles History Contact

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